Wedding Gallery

Some days I have to pinch myself because my job is just so much fun! I get to meet new people from all different walks of life and connect with them through my imagery. My approach is simple… I truly believe that my clients deserve more than just pretty pictures, they deserve an incredible experience altogether. As an artist, I’m most inspired by real life fairytales and capturing your wedding day as it unfolds. You can catch me tearing up behind the lens when you are dancing with your dad or grinning ear to ear as I am in my office editing your gallery.

I try my best to be everything you didn’t know you needed on your wedding day. I have bustled dresses, picked up coffee, and I have a trove full of safety pins, tissues and protein bars! If you are looking for a photographer who wants to curate and preserve your wedding day with gorgeous, natural, true to color images then I just might be your girl!