Rustic DIY Wedding | Diana & Ahmad | Dale, TX


March 1, 2020

Diana and Ahmad were married in February of 2020 and might possibly have had the last normal wedding of 2020! Kidding!! Mostly…

They started their romance back in October of 2018 when the two of them met at their church in Buda, Texas. Having both grown up just 20 miles south in the college town of San Marcos, Texas it is incredible that the two of them never crossed paths…especially since they have many mutual friends from their childhoods! They attribute it to the fact that it must not have been God’s timing for them to meet until 2018. Once God brought them together, it was perfectly blessed from there!  

This laid-back couple chose to do a “farmhouse chic” wedding on their family land. With Ahmad having a background in woodworking¬†and Diana having an eye for the simple-yet-chic decor they, along with the help of countless friends and family, were able to create a one-of-a-kind ceremony site with lots of personal touches. The result was truly the couple’s dream come true!¬†